Durban Safari and City Tour

Durban safari and tour guide Paul, took our guests on a quick Durban safari and Durban city tour. The Queen Mary 2 cruise ship was in Durban harbour for a day, giving us 7 hours to have a good safari.

Tala Private Game Reserve was the Durban safari destination, being only 45mins out of Durban city. From the start of our safari game drive we came across a huge herd of impala and took some great pics.

A little further up some blessbok and a lone wildebeest bull. Wildebeest bulls are solitary animals, defending their territories against other bulls.

At the crest of a hill I could see the large shapes of white rhino grazing. Fortunately the road went that way so we drove up slowly and stopped a few meters away. Being docile they took little notice of us and moved closer. We saw plenty more plains game that where out in the open, giving us great sightings, zebra, warthog, reedbuck and a large herd of wildebeest cows. Time being limited we stopped for a short coffee break and then set off looking for giraffe and hippos.

The hippos only showed us their noses and ears but the giraffe were awesome.

A herd of 17 were gathered at a water hole taking turns to drink with some young bull’s neck wrestling each other, very cool.

Time not being on our side we headed back towards Durban stopping at a restaurant for a good lunch and a few pints,(not for me of course)

In Durban we first visited Moses Mabida Soccer stadium with it huge arch 100m up. A small cable car took us all to the platform on top. Fortunately the weather was great so we could see the whole city and far up the north coast. The Queen Mary 2 was also visible being so huge. Next stop was The Botanical Gardens, via the State House, for the president when he visits. The Botanical Gardens are awesome with huge trees from around the world and an amazing Orchid House. We then traveled along Florida Road, a vibey center full of restaurants, pubs and sports bars.

A short drive through some of the historic buildings got us back to the harbour with 6 very happy passengers.