Durban Day Safari Tour

This was a great Durban safari tour package. We had a great safari day tour with a newly engaged couple.

It was a simple yet interesting itinerary with a wild cat sanctuary and an estuary boat safari cruise.

Our first stop was to Emdoneni Cheetah Lodge. This sanctuary is 2 hours drive from Durban and is home to cheetah, African wild cats, servals and caracal. The idea is to breed from the permanent residents and release cats into the wild. Emdoneni invite tourists to come along and interact with the cats to help pay the bills. A guide takes us into each enclosure and explains the identification and behavioral characteristics of each species.

Next up on our day safari was a drive through to St Lucia for a river estuary safari cruise. The estuary is home to hundreds of hippo and crocodile. Being territorial animals, hippo are always in the same spot, so sightings are guaranteed. We use a large boat, so can get very close to the animals safely.

We organised a bottle of “Bubbly” and a private table for our 2 guests to celebrate their engagement.

Hippos, Crocs and Champagne! What more could you want?