Durban Big5 Day Safari

Big5 Durban Day Safari


Durban safari guide Paul collected our guests for a Big5 day safari from Durban.

This Big5 day safari in Hluhluwe was a real hummer.

With very little time to spend our 3 American guests decided on a day safari from Durban. We arrived at Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Big5 Game Reserve at around 9am and started with our safari drive.

The safari drive was very slow for the first half hour, then a female warthog with 3 babies crossed the road, while looking at her I noticed a Buffalo in the distance. We drove forward for a better vantage point only to come across 3 White Rhinos near the road.

With the Rhinos in the fore ground, the Buffalo further off we spotted an Elephant in the shade of a tree. Three of Africa’s big5 all in one spot.

We carried on our safari game drive, finding Impala, Zebra, Giraffe right next to the car and then I saw something in the grass.

A Large Male lion with a very dark mane, beautiful. As I’ve learnt over the years, always look around, I noticed another high up in the hills, on a big rock. One of my guest said “its Simba on Pride Rock” ha ha.

That Leopard still eluded us but it was a great day on safari.

Below are some pictures from this safari..

Durban Safari ParkBuffalo Big5 SafariWarthogGiraffe South Africa

The above Big5 day safari from Durban can be found at this link..

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