Ithala Game Reserve

This magnificent game reserve is located in the rugged mountains north of Zululand, just below the Kingdom of Swaziland. Ithala Game Reserve is made up of 30,000 hectares and is a host to a spectacular array of wildlife species. The name Ithala comes from the Zulu word ‘High place’. Ithala has an astonishing geographical diversity, some of the oldest rock formations in the world are found in the reserve dating back to over three million years.

Ithala’s altitude varies from 400 meters (Pongola River) to the magnificent heights of 1450 meters (Ngotshe Mountains). This truly is a game viewers paradise. The absence of lion creates a sense of calm amongst the usual prey species such as wildebeest, impala and kudu. The elusive leopard is a resident of Ithala. Elephant, rhino and buffalo are among the larger herbivores. Ithala Game Reserve is rich in bird life. Many large species reside in the reserve such as ostrich, black eagle, lappet faced and white backed vultures.

Ithala’s accommodation ranges from the rustic to five star. The safari lodges are cleverly placed to blend in with their surroundings, leaving one feeling completely relaxed and at ease.

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