Durban Big5 Day Safari Tour

Durban Big Five Safari

Durban Safari guide Paul, collected our clients for a Durban Big five day safari.

A quick Durban Big5 day Safari turned out rather well!

Paul collected our clients for their day safari. On the way he asked what animals they would like to see, Elephants and Lions they said. As they came through the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Parks gates, there were 4 young Elephant bulls playing 30 meters off the road in a mud hole. Further into the safari park they crossed the Black Imfolozi River where there were another 3 Elephants cooling themselves.

Quite deep into the safari park, on one of Paul’s favorite roads they came across 2 lions. A male and a female mating pair. Lions mate every 15 to 25 minutes for up to 5 days, they were resting very close to the road when they got there, so they waited a while. After about 10 minutes he stood up and mounted her providing a bit of “Discovery Channel” show for our guests.

Durban Big Five Day Safari

On the way out of the safari park Paul went looking for Rhinos as they had seen very few and far away. After driving some familiar areas they were treated with 18 Rhino sightings, some very close to the road. Other game spotted included Giraffe, Buffalo, Zebra, Wildebeest and numerous antelope.

Another great Big5 day safari from Durban. A happy safari guide and more importantly happy guests.

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