Durban Big5 Day Safari To Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park

Durban Big5 Safari

A Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Big5 Day safari conducted by Durban safari guide Paul..

A quick safari trip from Durban but a great day. It started off looking like rain but cleared up nicely as the day went on. First up on our Big5 safari, approaching the gate a big elephant bull crossed the main road in front of us. Quite a sight while holding up the traffic. Just inside the gate of the safari park, a massive rhino bull was marking his territory. Further on we spotted many impala herds. Its mating season and was good fun watching the ram chase off any competitors. At the Imfolozi Bridge we came across some lions, about 6, sleeping off a huge breakfast. The buffalo carcass they had been feeding off lay in the river bed. After a great lunch we drove in the Northern Hluhluwe section.

A great day turned even better when we found the whole resident lion pride. They were split up with 4 adults on the first sighting and 3 sub-adult males in the next. Very close to the road, so our guests got some good pictures. On our safari we found plenty rhinos and so many zebra which seem to have moved in to this area recently.

Durban Big5 Safari

A fantastic day out which our guests really enjoyed!

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